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01 - Agave 

Agave (ancient greek ἀγαυή / agauê : admirable)


Is a collection of tableware that tends to reinterpret the Scandinavian design. It is the result of an interest in plant fibers and eco-design.

The sisal, used in this project is taken from Agave, a plant that grows on arid lands, usually difficult to cultivate. It requires very little water, its roots help fight against soil erosion and it absorbs more carbon dioxide than it produces. Wood, on the other hand, when used ethically and responsibly, is the ultimate ecological and sustainable material. It is robust, timeless, has a patina over time and can be transmitted from generation to generation. The shapes of the objects are simple, elegant and raw with a slight organic detail in the curves that reminds us of the outline of a leaf. Agave is currently being developed into a collection of four objects: a fruit bowl, a pocket, a centerpiece and a vase.

Agave was finalist of the Bolia Design Awards 2020.

Project in collaboration with : Nathan Baraness

© Images by Maryna Dague and Nathan Baraness.

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