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13 - Dina 

Dina is a sconce originally designed to highlight the Dina Vierny art gallery, located in the Saint-Germain-des- Prés district in Paris.

It was conceived to stand next to the bronze sculptures of Aristide Maillol and to dialogue with a place steeped in history designed in 1947 by Auguste Perret.

The line is very minimalist and quite raw, leaving the material to speak for itself. It is composed of a cube in patinated brass and of turned alabaster cup. This little sconce, because of its size and sculptural nature, becomes a singular piece that suggests composition. Thus, it is perfect as a repetition or in symmetry in order to create delicate rhythms on the walls it adorns.

It now finds its place in the Pouenat collection in order to light up new unique interiors. The Dina collection is expanded with two new models : the large sconce, displaying a more imposing silhouette, and the table lamp, more vertical, with a slender alabaster cup placed on a brass pedestal, like a sculpture.

Project in collaboration with : Nathan Baraness

Maryna Dague Applique Dina Pouenat

© Images by Maryna Dague and Nathan Baraness.

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